About Me

You might be wondering…

…How I Approach Therapy.

In my years of being in the mental and behavioral health fields, I’ve realized that not all therapists are a good fit for all clients. It’s important that you have a connection with your therapist. In fact, research shows this is one of the most important aspects of successful therapeutic outcomes. So, what kind of counselor am I? I consider myself creative, warm, and definitely an empath, meaning I have the ability to really feel what you feel. I don’t just hear, I listen. I am compassionate and can hold space for you when the going gets tough. Speaking of getting tough, trauma therapy isn’t always warm and fuzzy. Sometimes frankness, assertiveness, and brutal honesty are a part of the process and necessary. I won’t sugar coat things for my clients, but am there to help find solutions and put the pieces back together. Mutual trust and respect is crucial. And I won’t ask you how you are feeling over and over again (only sometimes!).

Sykesville Therapy-5…How I Am Qualified to Help You.

I graduated in 2009 from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) with a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a Concentration in Children and Families. Since then, I’ve worked in a variety of settings in many states (being a military family will do that to you!) to include community based outpatient mental health, inpatient hospitalization (child and adolescent, geriatric, acute mental health, and military units), partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment, school based social work, and early childhood mental health. I have specialized training in treating trauma, am a rostered Child Parent Psychotherapist (birth to five years), and am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  I specialize in providing trauma treatment to children through EMDR, Parent-Child Relationship Therapy, and fun, play based interventions. For adults, I focus on treating trauma and adult children of narcissistic parents through Strength Based, Solution Focused Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and EMDR.

…How I Can Possibly Understand What You are Going Through.

I’m a helper for a reason. I’ve been on the other side of the couch and am keenly aware of how vulnerable and frightening that feels. We all have different personal experiences, but our human experience is one in the same. I’m a mother and a sister and a daughter and a professional. I get that life sucks sometimes and our kids can drive us nuts. I’m a real person too. I’m not afraid to say that I am not above learning from my clients, who are the experts on themselves (and parents are the experts on their children). And I’m here for you.

…What Makes Me Human and Not Just a Therapist?

When I’m not working, I can be found running my children to various sporting and social events just like any other parent! I own two dogs-one is old and sweet and our four legged baby is Lacey, a rescue in training of being my partner in crime at the office as a Therapy Dog. I enjoy sunny weather, reading, being active, Notre Dame Football (Go Irish!), and adventuring with my family and friends. My favorite part of being my own boss is wearing whatever I want, which is usually a pair of jeans and a ND t-shirt. I am thrilled to raising my kids in my hometown now that our active duty military adventures have come to a close.