By “investment”, I mean just that. Whether it is for yourself or your child, counseling is an investment in your future. You must be engaged and willing to do the work. I see the best results when families and clients commit themselves to reaching their goals, which means working on things at home and often trying new things. When you do the hard work upfront, you reap the rewards the rest of your life. 


Initial Assessment: $160 (60 minutes)

Individual and Family Sessions: $150 (~55 minutes)


I currently am in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield only.

Please note, insurance panels REQUIRE a diagnosis for claims to be submitted and paid. I find that my clients often do not meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis, particularly when they (or their child) is seeking services for stress or relationship issues. However, to use your insurance, I am required to prove medical necessity for treatment, which means a diagnosis must be given. This presents an ethical dilemma for me and this diagnosis becomes part of your (or your child’s) permanent medical record and may be considered a ‘pre-existing condition’ . Also, those for whom confidentiality a priority might be concerned when they realize how many people are involved in processing insurance claims.

I do realize the need to have access to affordable services. If you would like to submit the bill for insurance and I am out of network, I can provide you with a receipt (a “superbill”) that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Remember, however, that a diagnosis is required for your insurance to accept the receipt for reimbursement.

I encourage you to call your insurance and discuss what is and what is not covered under your insurance for a provider who is not in network with your plan. You are ultimately responsible for your payments, even if insurance does not reimburse you. You are also responsible for your copays and meeting your deductible before your covered benefits start.

Time limited, need based discounts may be considered on a limited basis. Must demonstrate financial need.