Parent-Child Relationship Assessments

Parent Child Relationship Assessments can be a valuable tool for use by the Department of Social Services, family and juvenile judges, attorneys, and community agencies to help answer questions and inform decisions regarding case planning in the best interest of the child. Often, certain behaviors by the parent and/or difficulties experienced by the child/parent need to be addressed before decisions can be made on behalf of the child.

Areas to consider when assessing a person’s ability to parent can include:

  • depression or grief
  • anger control/management
  • alcohol or drug abuse
  • issues of child abuse or neglect
  • criminal activity
  • mental/emotional health issues

A parenting assessment gathers information from a number of different sources about:

  • the needs of the child or children
  • the parent’s ability to meet those needs
  • the skills and strengths of the parent
  • the relative skills and strengths of parties proposed as caretakers
  • the quality of the parent child relationship
  • supports available to the family

This information is analyzed to form recommendations promoting the best interests of the child. Recommendations may include:

  • placement options for the child
  • long-term planning suggestions
  • treatment suggestions
  • services that may help the parent address problem areas

Parent Child Relationship Assessment and Report

Encompasses an average of 4-6 sessions:

  • 1-2 parent interviews [60 min each]
  • 3 Parent Child observations [60 min each]
  • 1 feedback session [90  min]
  • Comprehensive report with clinical recommendations for the parent and child
  • Fee includes: Skills, expertise, fidelity, and training of specialty provider, communications to gather collateral information, review of applicable collateral reports/evaluations/assessments/court reports, access to and purchase of standardized assessments, brief verbal reports of progress to DSS (under 15 min), time spent consolidating all gathered information and constructing comprehensive report, consultation costs to clinician.
  • This assessment is comprehensive in nature and can take 6-8 weeks to complete in its entirety.


Please contact me to discuss the nature of the referral, associated fees, and scheduling.