Parent Child Relationship Therapy

Sometimes parents and their children find themselves in conflict. This doesn’t mean the child is bad or the parent is a bad parent. They are just different. Often times, family dynamics change through divorce, the birth of a new child, or other events that change the culture or tone of relationships within the family. Parent Child Relationship Therapy can help the parent and child learn how to resolve problems in way that strengthens the relationship. The parent-child relationship is the best vehicle for healing.

Parents sometimes hesitate to seek therapy for their family because they fear harsh judgement. That’s not my job. My job is to support and encourage you to understand the root of the issue, not just the surface issue. Parents often find themselves frustrated beyond belief and hopeless, feeling guilty and exhausted. You may need a few sessions just for yourself first to learn how to get yourself in a better place and to take better care of your physical and mental health. You can’t give what you don’t have.

In a non-judgmental way, I help you discover how you are contributing to the cause of the problem. This comes with a deeper understanding of the needs of your child, their developmental level, and your responses to their needs. As caregivers, we often parent the way we were parented or respond to difficult situations in a way that reflects maladaptive learning from past experiences. I can help you tease this out and learn more about why you respond the way you do. Once you understand the connections, you can learn new ways of responding. One of my roles is to help you and your child understand each other better and interact with more compassion and empathy to reach win-win resolutions to conflicts.jordan-whitt-145327-unsplash

Sometimes boundaries within the parent-child relationship need reassessing. Through PCRT, we can assess your parenting type and determine what changes need to be made to support healthy boundaries and balance. Concrete strategies and tools are given to help you build a new toolbox of skills to address conflict and misbehavior. You will begin to view your role as parent and your relationship with your child in a new way that supports your child’s development and your sanity. It takes time and effort, but the goal is for your family to experience more peace, your child to be better adjusted, and you to feel more confident and relaxed in your role as parent.

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